Human Resource Development Programs

SEA Management Consulting Company (SEA) uses innovative and highly effective training delivery methods. Our approach is to fully understand the learning and development objectives of our clients and then align the most effective training solutions to achieve business success. We are committed to assisting you with your learning and development to improve your organisations performance.

Training Delivery Style

We focus on providing learning and putting it into practice. Through this approach your confidence is increased in a risk free environment.
Full range of resources
These include formal management games, use of video, role play, case studies, self-analysis surveys and use of relevant technologies.
Hands-on Activities
Research show individuals use what they have learnt more if they have put it into practice. All courses have a range of different hands-on activities.
Small group
Group sizes are limited to a maximum of twenty five to allow a high level of interaction amongst participants and with the trainer.
Maximize learning interactions
Through mixing group sessions in terms of delegate level, discipline and differing backgrounds this enables individuals to maximise learning from other co-delegates
Self-analysis & awareness
We help individuals understand their current strengths and issues to enable new learning to be effective.
Challenge and stimulus within "safe" enviroment
We create a safe and risk free environment in which the trainer can challenge delegates to enable them to confront skill gap areas and develop the confidence in these new areas.
Action Planning
We work with participants to develop plans to enable delegates to take what they have learnt and start to apply it back in the workplace.


Customising learning and development programs to your needs – We will work with you to identify your organisation’s learning requirement to enable your organization and staff to develop effectively.

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“People are the common denominator of progress. No improvement is possible with unimproved people”

John Kenneth Galbraith