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SEA Management Consulting Company provides a number of services to Higher Education Institutions. These include:

MBA Study Tours: We work with MBA study tours from overseas universities to provide them with a wide-range of learning experiences. They not only receive relevant and valuable knowledge in an exciting learning environment.
Our services include:
  • Visiting key businesses, both local and overseas, involved in various industries;
  • Obtaining relevant presentations for senior business leaders here in Vietnam;
  • Meeting with local MBA students and Alumni; and Visiting local Educational institutions.
We will also, if requested, organize a travel agent to manage all of the travel and accommodation requirements of your visit.
Overseas Educational Institutions: If you are considering expanding in to the Vietnamese market please contact us for market research, analysis and advice on the various options that are available for you to successfully enter and adapt to the local business culture.
Vietnamese Educational Institutions: Do you want to create and develop a successful partnership with a recognized overseas institution? We can broker meaningful connections with high quality tertiary institutions from a number of leading countries including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the Unites States.
Do you want high calibre guest speakers for your seminars? Contact us to discuss your options to provide your students with exposure to accomplished business speakers.
Senior Lecturers: Contact us if you require Adjunct Lecturers for business management courses. Our pool of Adjunct Lecturers have extensive experience, in delivering MBA and undergraduate business programs, in a number of leading educational institutions in Vietnam. They all bring with them a comprehensive experience from their respective industries.
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Enterprise Ireland – Report on Education in Vietnam

Brian prepared a report on Enterprise Ireland, the Irish government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets.


RMIT Graduation Ceremony 2006

This graduation ceremony was attended by Mr John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia and was held at the Opera House, HCMC. The prime Minister is giving a speech at the Graduation Ceremony. Attached photo RMIT Graduation – 2006 - 1

RMIT Graduation Ceremony 2012

This graduation ceremony was held at the RMIT’s sports stadium. Attached photo RMIT Graduation - 2012.
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