The Vietnamese economy continues to grow and in order to sustain this growth at desired levels the need for quality education and training is imperative. Vietnam needs to improve the productivity of its workforce and although a challenge at the present time with effective strategies it can become an opportunity. This will be best achieved through a coordinated effort by all major stakeholders lead by the Vietnamese Government.

The paper focuses on two main areas firstly, Decree 73 and secondly, issues relating to Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET).

Decree 73 applies to foreign investment and cooperation projects in education in Vietnam. The quality of education in Vietnam has been an issue and this can be improved, in part, by attracting foreign institutions that have a record of delivering quality education.

A number of issues and recommendations have been raised and made to help make decree 73 more effective in establishment of quality education institutions in Vietnam.

Having effective TVET institutions lays the foundation for economic growth by supplying work ready graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to make a positive contribution in the workplace. To achieve this it is necessary to know what competencies are needed by industry and then developing and delivering curriculum to produce the graduates that industry needs.

The capacity of the institutions needs to be raised to the required levels to be able to produce these graduates. This requires training of TVET staff in areas such as leadership, curriculum development, market research and analysis etc. In addition, TVET institutions need to be able to attract capable students and the development of a National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and a single articulation system for Vietnamese education.

In conclusion the Vietnamese economy continues to grow and this is of benefit to the citizens of Vietnam. There are opportunities for Vietnam, however, it needs a highly competent workforce to drive growth in the economy.

Quality education and training is required and this would also require the combined efforts of relevant stakeholders working closely together to find effective solutions. The Education and Training Working Group, through the VBF, will continue with its commitment to assist Vietnam in achieving it economic potential.