Some of our respected clients

RMIT University Vietnam

Brian O’Reilly launched and managed the MBA (Executive) program, for RMIT University Vietnam, in October 2003. This was the first 100% international MBA program launched in Vietnam. He also launched and managed the full-time MBA program. He also established both of these programs in Hanoi. Brian also co-managed the Bachelor of Commerce program.

Brian lectured in the MBA programs in “Leadership and Management” and the “MBA Company Project”. In addition, he supervised students undertaking the “MBA Research Project”. In the Bachelor of Commerce program he lectured in “Leadership & Management Skills”, “Business Frameworks” and “Information Management”. 

Brian also developed and delivered training programs in “Leadership & Management”, “Change Management” and “Project Management” for the University.

Client Testimonials

  • Karl B. TheisenGlobal Outreach & Extended Education, Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
    Brian and I had the pleasure of working together in a number of different capacities over a 5-year period. Although primarily focused on the start-up and significant growth period of RMIT University Vietnam, we also collaborated on the development and delivery of a leadership program for a fortune-100 multinational company with offices throughout Vietnam. Brian is truly one of those that has around-the-clock dedication, stays focused on success, and has the ability to envision the big picture while rolling up his sleeves to get the work done.

    Aside from Brian’s market and program development expertise he had an impeccable ability to stay focused on the client. His dedication to ensuring a client’s needs were clearly understood was only outweighed by his unending pursuit to address those needs. At RMIT this often meant navigating the multiple channels associated with a large global university, and aligning the institution’s resources with the local needs of Vietnam’s market. Testament to this dedication was his leadership in launching Australia’s first MBA program in Vietnam, which quickly became the country’s premier graduate management program with enrolments from a multitude of countries across Asia, Europe and N. America. This was not just another program aimed at local students, but a program focused on the strongest professionals with careers that spanned multiple countries.

    I know he will continue to achieve success in whatever he takes responsibility for, showing professional leadership to those he manages and those he serves.