About us / Mr David Knock

David has worked in both a staff and managerial capacity in number of industries such as hospitality, local government, quality assurance, commercial accounting, and light manufacturing. David often started as an entry level employee but as he grew to understand the role of the job and the nature of the business, he moved into supervision and then management roles. These jobs gave him a breadth of valuable experiences in a wide variety of industries, business processes, management styles and interacting with people and customers.

Understanding the need to balance experience with formal knowledge, David successfully completed a number of academic qualifications in accounting, finance and teaching at institution in Vietnam and Australia. In 2004, David moved to Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam and started at the (then) new RMIT Vietnam, teaching in the accounting disciplines at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level. In 2005, David was given the responsibility of introducing the Bachelor of Business (Accounting) program to Vietnam and this degree was quickly rolled out in both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Working closely with the local business and accounting communities, the program grew very quickly as it successfully blended the necessary academic and practical “real-world” requirements to provide the graduates with the necessary skills sought after by industry.

David managed this program until 2012 when he changed roles to focus on teaching. David left RMIT Vietnam to begin his own company. Using contemporary training technology David strives to ensure that the next generation of Vietnamese has the required skills to excel in today’s commercial world.

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“People are the common denominator of progress. No improvement is possible with unimproved people”

John Kenneth Galbraith