About us / A brief introduction

An experienced and professional boutique management consulting company.

SEA Management Consulting Company (SEA) is a boutique company that provides professional services in specialised areas of management consulting, and organizational learning and development. In addition, we also provide services to both domestic and overseas tertiary educational institutions.

The Managing Director Brian O’Reilly has been working in Vietnam since 2001 in higher education, corporate training and managing consulting. We also have strategic alliances with specialists in Banking, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management Systems, Supply Chain Management, and Tourism and Hospitality. Together, we will provide your organization with the optimal solutions in learning and development.


To be Vietnam's first choice for quality management consulting, coaching, and training.


To help organisations and individuals improve their performance and competitiveness through effective learning and development.


Our organisation values:

Customer service by holding ourselves accountable to our customers through honouring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality.

Continual self improvement through always looking for better ways to achieve our goals.

Honesty by providing our clients with genuine advice that is in their best interests.

Integrity by being honest and truthful in our transaction with our clients, associates and staff . We will not compromise our values.

Quality by providing our clients with the services they require.

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“People are the common denominator of progress. No improvement is possible with unimproved people”

John Kenneth Galbraith