About us / Mr Nguyen Hu Thanh

Having worked mainly in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh is familiar with the various dimensions of business culture and local practices. With 20 years of work experience, he has obtained considerable international knowledge and experiences from numerous overseas trips, which enable him to talk international business language in different functions of businesses.

Mr Thanh lead many large projects relating to ISO 200:2008, IOSA(IATA Operational Safety Audit), and quality assurance in Vietnam Airlines and these have equipped him with the high level of leadership in challenging and crisis business situations. 

Since more than 70% of Mr Thanh’s time involves in training, coaching and developing the team, his communication, interpersonal, coaching, and people development are his highly recognized competencies to the level of empathetic and visionary leadership – the ability to set goals, plan, delegate team members and implement organization goals and motivate team members to strive for the common goals. He also performs with excellent presentation skills in both English and Vietnamese.

His training and coaching style combines professionalism, passion, high level of energy and enthusiasm, humour, and sincere care. He has a heart, devotion and aspiration to grow people, which makes him a very accountable, encouraging, patient and persistent trainer.

His clients have included the following: APL, MOL Trading, Cement Finance Company (CFC), Con Son Oil Company, Fonterra, Urgo, Sanofi,  Ferring,  Acecook, Bayer, Vina Capital, Cargill, Doosan, and Provimi.

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“People are the common denominator of progress. No improvement is possible with unimproved people”

John Kenneth Galbraith